Main Types of Pearls

Main Types of Pearls

Explore the world pearls with South Sea Golden, White, Tahitian Black, and Akoya Seawater pearls. Discover the elegance of nature's gems, from rare golden hues to vibrant black shades. Uncover the artistry of Shell Beads as a unique alternative—journey through these treasures' origins, colors, and allure.

Due to differences in origin, color, and natural growth conditions, there are many varieties of pearls. Here are some main types of pearls.

South Sea Golden Pearls Jewelry Shell

South Sea Golden Pearls
South Sea gold pearls are seawater pearls produced in the Philippines, Indonesia, Australia, Myanmar, and other places. The color is champagne between yellow and white, and a small amount is golden yellow, called South Sea gold pearls. Its diameter is between 9 and 16 mm, which is very precious.

The mother oyster of South Sea golden pearls is the golden butterfly oyster. Its growth environment is superior, with good air and good water quality. It is located in an open bay. Its output is rare, and it is the noblest among pearls.

It is understood that the darker the color, the higher the value of South Sea gold pearls. They are highly sought after in the international market, and their value increases yearly. They are known as the king of pearls. Australia and Indonesia have the most extensive output of South Sea gold pearls, accounting for the total number of South Sea gold pearls—about 90% of total production.

If South Sea gold beads are coupled with luxurious design and exquisite inlay technology, they will look even more aristocratic when worn.


South Sea White Pearls Jewelry

South Sea white pearls are also treasures among pearls. They are plump and round in shape and bright white. They are one of the most famous pearls. South Sea white pearls are mainly produced in Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and a few areas of Myanmar. Its diameter is between 9 and 18 mm.

The mother oyster of Nanyang White Pearl is the white butterfly oyster. Its growth environment is similar to that of Nanyang Golden Pearl and requires an excellent natural environment. Nanyang white pearls attract attention with their elegant color and warm luster.

Pearl jewelry made of South Sea white pearls is suitable for people of all skin colors to wear. It can enhance women's temperament and reveal their elegant and noble temperament.


Tahitian Black Pearls

Tahitian black pearls are produced in the French Polynesian Islands in the South Pacific (the most famous island is Tahiti). They are black, with other bright neon colors, such as malachite green, deep purple, and ocean blue. Wait for the rainbow color. Its diameter is between 8 and 15 mm.

The mother oyster of black pearls is the butterfly oyster, which secretes black nacre. Because the Polynesian Islands are located at a high latitude, and the sea water temperature is high, the black butterfly oyster proliferates. The general breeding time is 5~8 years, and the thickness of the bead layer is 2~3 mm. Due to the requirements of the breeding environment and the rigorous pearling process, the number of black pearls produced by the black butterfly oyster is relatively tiny, so every Tahitian pearl is highly precious.

Akoya Seawater Pearls Jewelry Necklace Earring Bracelet

Akoya seawater pearls are produced in the southern harbor of Japan. The blue color is primarily pink and silvery white, and the diameter is generally between 7 and 9 mm. The mother oyster is the Akoyal oyster.

Speaking of Akoyal shells, Mikimoto must be mentioned. Mikimoto is the inventor of pearl cultivation technology. In 1893, Mikimoto found the first hemispherical pearl on his farm, which started the prelude to artificially cultured pearls. Mikimoto's pearl farm was built in 1888. It was not until 1905 that Mikimoto found several nearly round pearls on his farm, which also proved the success of artificially cultured pearls.

The cultivation of Akoya seawater pearls is subject to strict controls and a rigorous standard system, which has also established Akoya seawater pearls' good reputation in the world pearl market.

Shell Beads Pearl Jewelry Necklace Bracelet

Shell Beads
Shell beads are an alternative to pearls. There are two main types: one made from polished natural seawater shells and the other from shell powder.
Shell beads are generally plated in silvery white, golden yellow, malachite green, peacock blue, and other colors. Generally speaking, high-end shell beads are made through exquisite processing. Such bright shell beads can achieve the effect of not fading or discoloration and are more accessible for the collector to maintain.

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