Turquoise And Pearl Bracelet
Turquoise And Pearl Bracelet
Turquoise And Pearl Bracelet
Turquoise And Pearl Bracelet
Turquoise And Pearl Bracelet

Handmade Turquoise And Pearl Bracelet

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Model: DIY 013
Metal Material:14K Plated
5mm Swarovski Pearls
3mm Natural Turquoise
Length: 15cm + 5cm 
Style: Women
Process Time: approx 5 days
Appearance: it is inevitable that there are some traces of 100% handmade jewelry, please order it carefully if you mind
Handmade Video: you can visit it on Instagram 、 Tiktok or Youtube

Swarovski is an Austrian company known for its exquisite crystal creations. Although Swarovski is primarily known for its crystal work, they also manufacture other jewelry, including pearl jewelry.

Regarding Swarovski pearl jewelry, it is worth noting that Swarovski is not known for producing natural pearls, but for creating artificial pearls and pearl jewelry combined with crystals. They are typically manufactured using materials such as crystal and glass, and then finely cut and polished to achieve an appearance similar to natural pearls. Many big-name jewelry uses Swarovski crystal glass pearls, including Dior, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood ,etc.

Swarovski pearl jewelry may include necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings and many other types of jewelry, usually with highly delicate designs and unique brilliance. Whether it is crystal products or pearl jewelry, Swarovski products are widely praised for their unique craftsmanship and excellent quality.

Pros of Swarovski Imitation Pearls:
1. Variety of appearance: Imitation pearls can achieve a variety of color and size changes by adjusting the manufacturing process, so that they have greater appearance diversity.
2. Economical price: Imitation pearls are usually more economical than natural pearls because the manufacturing process is controllable without mining and screening.
3. Free from blemishes: The imitation pearl manufacturing process allows control over its appearance, virtually guaranteeing the absence of blemishes that may exist in natural pearls.
4. Environmental protection: Since there is no need to exploit natural resources, the production of imitation pearls has less impact on the environment.
5. Size standard: The uniform and standard size makes it easier for designers to make various jewelry shapes, and finally present their jewelry works perfectly.

If you are interested in Swarovski pearl jewelry, we recommend you to visit its official website or explore its boutiques for more details.